Can't install photoshop CS3 on Vista. Pls help.

Hi, I have dug around for solutions and I have tried several suggestions, but no matter what I can't install adobe photoshop CS3 on Vista.
It always hangs during installation on the screen "installing shared components"

I have tried turning UAC on and off. Have tried "running as admin" , have turned cbscript and jscript ON, and still have the same problem.

I did try to identify where it was hanging up with Process Explorer. But I really don't know how to see what happens during the setup process.

Please, could you try to help me? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much
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  1. The setup does seem to "hang" for a while... run it as admin and give it at least 5 to 10 minutes. I've installed it on two Vista machines and it did install successfully... but it took longer than normal.
  2. Hi Zoron,
    yes, I waited and it did run until the end, but just to get a message in the end that it had failer installing photoshop cs3. Apparenly it install adobe bridge and other shared components, but not the main program.
    This is getting so frustrating. I just tried with a brand new download of the trial version and had the same problems.

    Any ideas?

  3. hmm.. I got it installed on mine ok, vista (64) here too. I did find this
  4. I was finally able to install photoshop after days trying. I had to do everything people suggest. Remove ALL adobe programs with Revo Cleaner, then use the Adobe Cleanup Script. Then close all open programs. Then run as Admin. And it worked!

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