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Belkin F5D 7230-4 used wired - way slower than direct modem connection

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July 25, 2007 6:04:27 AM

I've had no luck, so far, in finding information that helped me to find the right router.

Right now, I have Belkin F5D 7230-4 wireless router which I'm using only as a wired router with two Macs, A MacPro 2.66 and a Intel Mini 1.66.

I just tested my download speed with and without the router. Turned out that the speed with my cable modem connected directly to the MacPro was significantly higher. I was told by Cox Cable tech support that the difference was much greater than it should be. This has motivated me to start searching for information to assist me in either fixing my present setup or finding a replacement router.

After checking that I had the latest firmware, Belkin tech support recommended upgrading to the F5D 7231-4, but I can't see that another wireless router is the best choice, since I'm only connecting the computers by hardwire and I have seen elsewhere on this forum that wired is much faster than wireless.

I can't find recommendations for a router that fits my wired setup. All the recommendations appear to be geared for wireless.

Can anyone give me a specific recommendation of a brand and a model that will give me the best internet speed for my Mac setup.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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November 23, 2007 11:46:29 AM

I'm got the same problem with a Belkin Pre-N router. My connection speed wired to the router vs wired directly to the cable modem is vastly different and both are side by side. No firmware updates are availble for this router. I need to find a solution with this router so I don't shut down other household members by connecting directly to the cable modem. I tried a hub with one wire going to my computer and one to the wireless/and wired router but that doesn't seem to work with the router for the other computers. Any other suggestions...other routers that may be less likely to slow down the downloads?
July 11, 2012 3:52:25 AM

I had the same problem w/ my old Belkin G+ router and then bought a new belkin N150 and am having the same problem. Much faster wired and intolerably slow on wi-fi. The problem has got to be somewhere in the settings I assume. Any more ideas?