Windows 7X64 Pro can't see Ubuntu 11.04

I have samba running on Ubuntu 11.04 Laptop box. I can see and access all the Win7 x64 Professional desktop shared folders from the Ubuntu box. When try to browse the network from the Windows 7 Professional X64 Desktop file browser, the Ubuntu Laptop doesn't even show up. Both are in the same workgroup. Both have shared folders and drives.

I can ping the Ubuntu box from the command line from Win7. I typed \\ (the laptop's router address) from the RUN command. It said the laptop wouldn't allow connection. Samba shares are set for "visible" & "writeable." The username is set for my access; yet no joy.

I ran the Win7 trouble shooter, and it said that my $Print share folder wouldn't accept connection. I deleted that share; yet still no joy.

How do I correct the situation?

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  1. Have you checked that the firewall on the Ubuntu machine is configured to allow incoming SMB connections?
  2. Just did. Couldn't find it; so I installed UFW and GUFW. GUFW shows the "ENABLED" radio checkbox unchecked. So it isn't enabled? Right?
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