Vista 64 on new Computer - BSOD and random crash/freeze of hdd


i have just put together a new computer, and installed Windows Vista Ultimate X64.
But of some reason I keep getting the BSOD, and i dont know how to find out what is causing the problem (Minidumps are at the bottom)

My new computer consists of the following:
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
- Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E
- CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 2
- PSU: Corsair HX520
- Graphiccard: Asus EN9600GT
- Memory: OCZ Reaper PC8500 2x2 GB
- Harddrive: 2x 500 GB Seagate 7200.11

My 2 harddrives is set up in a Raid 1 (mirroring), with the onboard ICH10R Raid controller.
I have downloaded the latest drivers from Asus, Intel and Nvidia, and updated my Bios.

I havent changed anything in the bios except for disabling the Express Gate option and choosen Raid.

I have 4x 120 mm fans in my Antec P180 Case, soo heat shouldnt be a problem (bios also shows the cpu and motherboard running at very low temperature).

It all started when installing a program, suddenly the system froze and i couldnt do anything else than a hard boot.

The Raid array was broken and it wouldnt start Vista (kept freezing at startup). I tried fixing it but first after i disconnected the "good" hd it asked me if i wanted to fix the broken hd (in the post screen raid managment). I said yes but it couldnt bootup without the other hd as it was currently brooken.
I connected the good hd but it said it wasnt bootable.
I did a Vista Repair and even though it said that it didnt fix any problems i was now able to boot and startup Vista.
When Vista started it began rebuilding the Raid Array, and it seems that there were no more problems with the harddrives.

I uninstalled the program, and cleared the temp directory and installed it again without any problems.

A little later i installed another program and the same problem occured. The system froze (but still able to move the mouse around, harddrives would just not respond) and i did a hard boot, this time Vista started without problems and it began rebuilding my Raid Array.

I tried installing the newest chipset drivers and intel matrix storage manager, and i have also uninstalled some energy saving program from Asus called Six Engine.
I havent had problems with the system freezing for a while, but if i right click one of the harddrives in the raid manager application (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) crashes (but Vista keeps running).

Then i began experincing the BSOD, and i cant figure out what is causing it.
It happens randomly it seems.
Last time it happened i was surfering a homepage with IE7 and the time before that i was doing nothing (came home from shopping and it had crashed).

Now i have just experienced another freeze of the hds, and this time the same hd as last time have went down and have not been repaired. I havent tried disconnecting the good one to see if i can make it fix the "bad" one, as the good one is still bootable and i wanted to try and see if it maybe was the bad hd that was causing the problems.

After the last hd crash it began complaining about a NDIS.sys driver at Vista startup and couldnt startup Vista.
I choose "Last know good Configuration" from the "post screen bootup sequence" (Cant remember the right name - but before loading Vista), and it all loaded up just fine without any problems.
I found out that the NDIS.sys driver has something to do with the network / lan (i using one of the onboard lans on the motherboard).
But havent had a problem with that before or after.

I have now been happy for abot a whole day, and thought "YES" it is fixed.
But sadly - NO.

It just happend again. Another BSOD.
I simply have no more ideas of how to find out what is causing the problems, and i have to admit i dont have the experience/expertice needed to read the minidumps.
Therefor i now ask you out there if any of you can help me finding out what the problem is, etc. by looking at my minidumps which i have uploaded.

I have been searching google for ages but i dont have any more ideas of what to search for.

I probably also have to mention that sometimes background services or application just crashes.
The SuperFetch background service have crashed several times (as far as i know it is a Vista Memory Management Service).

I have gotten BSOD errors about IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL, Page_fault_in_non_paged_area, and Memory_Management as far as i can remember.

I have all the crash reports which is being stored in the "Problem Reports and solutions", if that can be of any help and isnt already in the minidumps.

I have installed Debugging Tools for Windows (X64), to be able to read the Dump file (with WinDbg) - i have both minidumps and a memory.dmp
But i dont know how to read / understand what the file is telling me except i can see that it is writting something about different files.

I have tried running Windows Vistas own Memory Diagnostic tool, and got no errors.
I have also tried MemTest which also passed without problems.
I also switched the memory around to different slots to see if that would help.

When it have crashed and given me the BSOD, it sometimes (not everytime) ask me to either setup bios again or load default settings.

I guess it could be anything from a brooken driver/s to, graphiccard, memory, lan, raid controller/motherboard, memory settings in bios or similar.

But i really have no clue anymore.

Can anyone out there help me finding out what is causing the problem ?

What should i do ? What information will you need to get a clue ?

I have zipped and uploaded all the minidumps here:
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  1. Check your voltages and timings on your RAM, and manually set them. Most mobos default to 1.8volts. Checking the product's page on Newegg, I see the recommended voltage is 2.1, and 5-5-5-18 timings. Changing the Command Rate to 2T can help (2T is mandatory with 4 DIMMS), and ensure that tRFC (Refresh to Activate Delay - an advanced setting) is set to 54 or greater.
  2. Hi Scotteq,

    thanks for your reply.
    I have changed the volt to 2.1 and set it up with 5-5-5-18 timings.
    I havent touched Frequency (set to auto) as it seems to be able to detect it is pc8500 (i would assume it knows it is 1066 mhz).
    The auto detection set it to 5-5-5-15 timings.
    It is set to 54 automaticly.

    But if it was because of to low voltage wouldnt it be most likely that it would "crash" when under heavy "load" ?

    It have crashed a couple of times when shutting down Vista.

    But have also crashed at Idle (dont know if it crashed when going into "Sleep" as i was away for more than 1 hour and it goes into sleep after 1 hour).

    Is there anyone in here which is able to understand what the minidumps are "saying" ?
  3. When you get the blue screen try to write down the error code.
    It will look like stop:00000007b (00000000x03) or something close

    If your computer reboots before you can see these goto
    start|right click computer|properties|advanced system settings|startup and system recovery settings and make sure automatically restart is unchecked.

    here is a good page to help with the stop errors
    note 0x7b for example is the same as 00000000x7b just easier
    Also a google search of the stop code can turn up a lot of other people having the same troubles and could be helpful.

    Something else that may help is to goto control panel|performance|advanced tools|view performance details in event log
    There you will find many more cautions and warnings and here is a page that can help with that

    Be sure to bookmark these as it took a long time to find them and they are VERY helpfull
  4. I am having almost the exact same issue here myself. I got a new mobo (evga 790i sli ftw), cpu (intel quad core), 4 gig CORSAIR XMS3 DHX... I kept my WD HDDs and was running a raid 0.

    I installed yesterday and everything was going very smooth. New drivers for everything. I was downloading when I swiveled in my chair and bumped the case. Not too hard, but enough to wobble it a bit. Now I have been getting BSOD errors about IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL, Page_fault_in_non_paged_area (including a couple times with NTFS.sys being named), and Memory_Management.

    I decided to reinstall and now when I pick a drive to install Windows Vista 64 , I'm getting an error that states "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation." I have deleted and created the partition, formatted, loaded drivers, but nothing works. The same thing happens when I remove the raid. I can see both drives but same error message.

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