Microphone & Realtek High Def Audio

I Have had an issue on and off w/ this were my microphone just stops working and I am finally just stumped and I cannot get it going..
I've been able to fix it before, but I just cant get it..

I've looked up troubleshoots

I've Reinstalled /uninstalled the drivers multiple times..
made sure my inbound/outbound were correct.

Ventrilo doesnt work w/ me speaking, nor does Steam.

Im unsure what to do now anyone got any help..

I post it here also because i've heard this being a problem within vista.
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  1. If sound cuts off in Vista, start, run, services.msc and stop & start Windows Audio. Or a system restart.
  2. tried that, also tried uninstalling the drivers totally and reinstalling and got nothing. My mic works on other pcs aswell... so odd. i hate this problem.
  3. I have the same problem, and I've yet to find a real fix. Best I've come up with is to unplug the mic, then plug it back in, and let the realtek manager re-detect it. Annoying, but it works.
  4. I have win7 but realtek don't make the drivers for it and vista drivers work but there is no consel,so i think realtek is behind the times.
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