Vista Install problems with raid-0

K heres the computer set up:

MSI K9A2 Plat
AMD Athlon 6400+
Corsair 4x1 Ram
3x WD 80gig SATA HD's
NVidia 7950gt Vid Card
Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Heres my problem. Come home from work, start up the computer and get a Bootmgr missing error. After several restarts, i decide to delete the partitions. (They were not in raid-0 at this point). I decide that I am going to go ahead and try to setup all 3 HD's as raid-0. So after doing the cntl-f i find that its missing one of the harddrives, so i open up the case, and one of the plugs was loose and not all the way plugged in. This was the one with windows originally installed. So I plug it back in, start up the computer, go into fastrack (cntl+f) and setup my array. Restart the computer, hit del to enter bios, as its finishing its bootup into bios i notice that fastrack says that the 3 drives are in array raid-0 and functional. I get into bios and enter Standard CMOS Features. None of the HD's are showing, which I figure, cause of the array. I then enter Integrated Peripherals and ensure that under On-Chip ATA Devices that RAID mode is setup as RAID and that the On-Chip SATA Controller is enabled. I then go into Advanced Bios Features and go into Boot Sequence to set up the boot order and have it setup with the two cd/dvd roms first then the RAID:RAID Ary 1 as the third. So I feel like I have everything setup properly as far as the fastrack and bios goes.

Then I restart and start up the Windows install. It goes thru its normal deal, no HD shows up so I install the drivers from the mobo, select the array, and it installs. Reboots, and says its missing files, so I restart, go into windows install again for windows repair, it then asks to reinstall the drivers for the HD's and it shows as f:\ instead of C:\.

My question is, how do I get the computer to see it as C:\ instead of F:\ and if you have any other ideas as to what the problem may be. I don't have any other HD's that it would get confused with. Oh, one thing I should mention, is my printer is hooked up via usb and has those storage device card slots in it. I just thought of that as I was typing this, so I will unhook it from the pc and try to reinstall windows again. Hopefully in the meantime, some of you guys will have some ideas for me.

Thank you for the help in advance,
Skeksis :)

Oh, and I probably should mention what driver I am using to install the raid. Its :AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller. Actual file name is ahcix64s.inf
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  1. Well, I downloaded new updated drivers for the raid, unhooked the printer and everything seemed to install fine, then it restarted, and seemed to start to load, then I got a Bad_Pool_Header blue screen of death message, and it dumps the memory and restarts, over and over and over again. Each time with the Windows Error Recovery options. Will google the error and see what it means.
  2. I don't believe that you can without possiblly using a third party boot loader...OR

    You may have to FIRST....reinstall XP on the single drive...with your RAID array disabled. XP MUST be installed first. re-enable the RAID Array and reinstall Vista in RAID. Vista will set up the boot loader for you. Once you have done will be presented with a screen that gives you option 1 of booting to an older OS...or 2. Booting to Windows Vista. The only way I know how to fix unless you try a different boot loader program
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