Best budget case for overclocking?

Any ideas on what the best case is for overclocking thats at a decent price? Preferably less than $100. I plan to overclock my E4300 as much as I can. My room runs hot, so it has to have good airflow.
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  1. Antec 900
  2. Budget? 140 seems like a lot for a budget case.
  3. I've seen it for $90 / $105 shipped.

    Then again, you can get a free-flowing Centurion 5 for $58 shipped and a Scythe NINJA SCNJ-1100P for $46 for the same price, maybe a better combo for CPU OC.

    The ultimate would be the Antec 900 w/ the Scythe Ninja 8) only slightly higher than your original $140...
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