[Drivers] DX9.0L? Also problem with 8800GTS

Hi, basically I have two problems : one concerning Warhammer Online and Directx 9.0c and the other one concerning my 8800GTS and it's drivers.

First of all, I've tried to install Warhammer Online but it says that I need to download DX9. Is there a way to run it without installing DX9, what about DX9.0L?

Secondly, I've had a few problems with my 880GTS and the most recent drivers from nVidia. Now, I'm currently running Vista with the default drivers that came with SP1 (they are from 2007-09-12). If I try to install the latest driver from nVidia's website and then run World of Warcraft and alt-tab, I'll get a bluescreen or the following error : "Graphic drivers have stopped working and are now recovering".

Is there a way to fix that?

Thanks alot in advance!
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  1. delete your drivers and reboot.
    After you get the newest video drivers installed try to reinstall dx9
    It should solve your troubles.

    the 8800 will handle DX9 with no trouble.
  2. You're saying that I should install DX9 on Vista?
  3. yes, you should. Vista is dx10 compatable, but you also need dx9 for dx9 games. Do as suggested, and reinstall the drivers.
  4. I dont remember off hand if the 8800 is capeable of DX10
    goto start|run and type dxdiag and see what version that you have and do the tests to see if you can run all of them.
    then post back.
    There was a time when changing nvidia drivers messed up direct x a little and the reinstall will fix it.
    Strangely enough bad sound drivers can cause direct x to mess with video but i havent seen that much lately.
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