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Vista freezes and lockups, and bsod?

Ok, so i recently rebuilt my computer and installed vista ultimate 32 bit, now it's crashing every few hours or freezing with bitcomet.

I don't know what to do!

Some BSOD's i've gotten are:
and something about a bad_header

My specs are

Asus P5Q-E
4x2gigs Corsair xms2 1066mhz ram
Asus 4870x2
corsair 750tx
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  1. make sure the BIOS is giving the ram proper voltage, which appears to be 2.1v from a quick google.

    4, 2 gig sticks, right? But this is vista 32 you say? 32 will not support more than 4 and you should not be seeing more than 3 with your set up. What gives?

    Sometime putting 4 sticks in a mobo entails a few non-standard tweaks - such as relaxing timings, reducing ram bus speed, and sometimes a slight voltage bump.

    Try 2. 1 v first, then if that does not fix it look into bus speed or timing adjustments.
  2. i meant 2, 2gig sticks, my bad. but i'll try to mess with that voltage.

    as well, bitcomet seems to make my computer freeze up, only solution is to restart, this usually happens when i leave it to download for a while.

    oh and one more thing, if anyone has been playing warhammer online, it seems to crash to desktop alot
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    if you are getting a lot of crashes while on internet/network then you may want to update to latest network card driver.

    A quick test of the '4 sticks of ram problem' is to just take out two of them and see if you still have problems.
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