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I'm having a curious problem with my homebuilt system that's been happening consistently for the past 2 weeks now. When I try to put the system into standby mode, the monitor flickers off and the wireless antenna shuts down and windows acknowledges that we're going to go into standby now. However, the lights and fans on my PC don't shut off as they normally should and when I go to wake the system up, I can hear the tower working as usual, but the monitor refuses to turn back on unless I hit the reset button on my case. I'm wondering if this is a problem with a windows update that I ran last week, or if it's just a problem with my monitor itself or what, because I've really got two problems here. Any advice or thoughts would be very appreciated.



PS: the system is:

AMD 6000 X2
2 Gb RAM
2 Seagate 160's
Asus M2N SLI deluxe mobo
And a **** HP monitor
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  1. Is bios set to S3/STR in power management?

    Look at your display/monitor driver settings for a wake-up option.
  2. There's nothing in the nVidia control panel about a wake up option anywhere. Also, how do I get to the power management area of my BIOS? Is it possible for my BIOS to get that messed up without anyone touching it?
  3. restart pc, tap DEL, go to Power tab, set ACPI SUSPEND TYPE to S3 & enable ACPI.
  4. Hey cool, it works, thanks. However, now when I go to wake it back up, I have to use the power button and not a movement of the mouse or a touch of the keyboard. Is there any way to get it to do this again?

    Thanks so much.

  5. Using the power button to wake up the desktop/laptop is the conventional way. If you want to wake from key/mouse, go to bios, Power tab, APM config, enable Power Up by PS/2 mouse & keyboard.

    The board is kinda old so it can't wake up from USB keyb/mouse.
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