Anyone Here Use Opera?

Opera 10 beta's out, but I probably won't pick it up. To be honest I've never used the browser for a significant amount of time, trying it out about a couple of years ago.

Even though Firefox's bloated as heck, and Opera supposedly runs leaner, those damn add-ons have kept me hooked on Mozilla's offering.
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  1. Regarding WinXP, I ran Opera for a while, and liked it in the beginning but it got kinda weird at times, and I know weird is not a thorough explanation of the problems that arose, but Firefox is my bottom line choice.

    IE8 works great in Vista but not so great in XP, so its a toss up with Vista between Firefox and IE8, I haven't run Opera in Vista there was really no need.

    IE8 also runs great in Win7, haven't run any other browsers in it yet as IE8 seems pretty much at home with the operating system, at least as far as being problem free is concerned.

    Well thats my 2 cents.
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