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Vista Program Files question

How come in vista 64 I have 2 different program files. One is labeled Program Files (x86). Some program installations choose to install in the normal Program Files and some choose to install to the (x86) files. The programs that install to the (x86) folder do not appear in the start menu and this makes for sloppy organization. Why is this? And Is there a way I can get the start menu to identify with the (x86) folder?

Thanks in advance.
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    I think x86 is for 32 bit programs and the other is for 64 bit?

    As for the start menu all my x86 programs are listed and I did nothing to make that happen..
  2. As the above poster said, I think one is for 32 bit programs. I think a program has to be written entirely in 64bit to be installed in the other folder.

    All my x86 programs are also listed...
  3. Program Files (x86) is indeed for 32-bit programs. Program Files under Vista 64 is for 64-bit programs. All programs I've installed either have a desktop shortcut or an entry in the Start menu... so I'm at a loss to explain why your programs aren't showing up there.
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