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Windows old folder?

I did a fresh load of windows and loaded one game and some drivers and updates and windows says Ive used 48gb of hdd space......Now I think its a folder called windows old that I'm supposed to delete, can anyone tell me where this folder is?
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  1. did you reformat the hard drive when you did your install? there shouldn't be a folder like that if the entire hard drive was formatted
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    It sounds like you didn't re-format completely. If you haven't loaded too much on it already, I'd re-install again (making sure to re-format completely).
  3. Yes I deleted all partitions and formatted. Why does it say I have used 48 gb ?
  4. Try running this program : It'll give you a list of folders on the hard drive and the amount of space they take up.
  5. do a windows search for *.* and sort by size.

    there is also another program called folder size.
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