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Problem with 8800GTS, dual-screen, and streaming!

Hiya, I have a few little problems here.

First of all, I had an issue with my 8800 GTS and the latest nVidia released drivers (175.19? something). Had lockups, and major ****. I decided to grab the 177.79 that are currently in beta (I think).

I have no more problem with WoW, but I have lockups in the opening of Alone in the Dark and major FPS problems with Crysis (medium config).

I'm on dual screen and I've noticed that, when I try to change the resolution in the config menu of the game, my 2nd screen will blink a few times and switch between Analog and Digital mode and finally my main screen will remain black and I need to restart my computer.

Also, from times to times, without any explanation, I'm losing sound while watching video streaming on Youtube or MyspaceTV.

I can't believe that all these errors are related to drivers? They are all up to date, and I don't have any BSOD..

Thanks in advance!
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    I'd uninstall the card totally, and then reinstall it.

    If that fails try system restore to a date before the problem started.
  2. It started as soon as I installed it...
  3. I had a similar problem, after installing GRiD. I would get flickering, and crashing. I reformatted(had to, anyway), and all is well now. Gave me a chance to try out vlite. Worst-case scenario, just reformat.
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