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Alright, well right now I have a gateway GT4010 that I bought in 2003 I think, and now I think its time for a new computer with the latest components. I just ordered my parts, and I just had a quick question.. so hopefully its not too "noobie".

Well, here goes:

My old HDD is compatible with my new motherboard, so if I hook it up with the new computer will I have to re-install Windows XP? Since my old computer came already installed on the system. Or do I have to buy a new copy? I don't feel like spending 100 bucks on a new OS. I really like XP, and wish to keep it.

I dont have the actual XP disc, just the recovery CD, and yes, I did see this web page: but I still do not understand 100%.

Also, If there is a way to keep XP installed, how can I do it?

Thanks in advanced!

asus p5k-v
intel e8400 @ 3.0
pny 8800gt
ocz 1066 (2x 1gb)
okia 550w
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  1. yes you will need to install a new op system.
    Just putting in a HDD with all of the drivers from the old system on it will cause nothing but trouble.
    goto and you can get a OEM copy of XP for about 80 dollars.
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