have Vista Ultimate system....want to add XP for dual boot

Have a system on which I have installed Vista Ultimate. Unfortunately, there are programs that I use regularly that will not work correctly with Vista and can't find suitable Vista Compatible replacements. I want to install XP on a separate partition on the same HDD.
Have created the second partition using Gparted. Have also burned Windows XP ISO trying both Nero 8 and MagicISO. When I place the disk in the drive, reboot and set the boot sequence to go there, the computer restarts and goes to the DVD drive, states press any key to boot from DVD/CD. I press enter and it says examining system setup and then nothing. Any thoughts?
It occurs to me that the problem might be that I am trying to install a previous version of Windows and Vista may not be letting me. If so, does anyone know a work around? Thanks.
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  1. yes, in order to dual boot, you must install xp first for the bootloader to handle both OSes appropriately.

    Have you tried running VMware and running a virtual XP Pro installation in it? That could save you the trouble of a dual boot.
  2. you can install XP after Vista.
    It will screw up your boot order but that can be fixed.
    Look through the Vista board for dual booting and you will find the cure. I have posted it several times but I am not where I can get to it right now for you.
    It sounds like you may be having other troubles though.
    If magic ISO doesnt work for you try Power ISO maybe something is a little off somehow.
    If your trying to use anything other than a genaric disk it may fail eg. a Dell recovery disk on a non Dell computer.
    Also make sure that the copy of windows that you are trying to burn from was burned correctly or else use the original to install and give it your serial number.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the advice. I do know that it's possible but something is stopping the install of XP from going forward. I will try Power ISO and see if the problem is there. I will continue to investigate this. BTW, Mr McGroin....do you know Phil McCracken? LOL. Love your handle. :bounce:
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