How TO OPEN http://localhost/myhtmlpage to https://localhost


i am working in web media organization , i was face trouble through one month my senior didnt help me for that.. and i am working on linux os (Fedora 14) , first he was gave me the task ,that is open the webpage throug https

i.e http://localhost (convert into /open with this url) --> https://localhost

i completed that ,in 7 days ,, i install ssl , httpd ,tomcat, mysql , etc, after install ssl certificated and configure that ssl certificate path into the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file after words its work my job done..

PROBLEM its that now he gave new problem/task....

open the url at https://localhost that fine ,, but when you open/click myhtmlpage, https://localhost/myhtmlpage its will be open in HTTP (not https) ...that means http://localhost/myhtmlpage

Now pls can you help me ?

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  1. This, at it's root, is an apache configuration issue and not really suited for these forums, you may want to review some apache configuration guides or go directly to one of a handful of apache forums online.
  2. All right Can You Provide Some Links of Apache Configuration or For Apache Forums online.. for my help ?
  3. Thanks
  4. thank you so much
  5. i already did but no result
  6. vishaal_saxena said:
    i already did ( FILL ME IN ) but no result

    Please let us know what you tried to no result.

    Ultimately, server setup can be a large, complex project. Likewise, kernel development can be extremely involved and complex. Neither of those subject matters really should be covered here (since there are already excellent resources out there for both subject materials). Ive done both, and in neither case did I come to a general-purpose forum looking for answers.
  7. hi
    can you support me for Load Balancing -HAProxy , between two webservers , i mean i have one web server and one my own test machine , my task is to create load blancer in my local test machine and create load blance between two web servers
    , Well i am tired now coz i am new on that task and second things is i am working on this task from 11 days :( so i think may be you understand i already search in google, so pls suggest me for that , thanks

    THANKS for all helping me alot


    Vishaal Saxena

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