how to copy the file from remote unix server to windows machine


I am using Unix(putty Boxex)..i want to know how to copy the files from remote(unix Putty) server to Local PC(Windows)...Please help me....
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  1. you will want to set up ssh, ftp or samba share
  2. No... i want to access the file(which is located in Terminal Server-Unix) through local Pc
  3. You still need some mechanism to transfer the file. As skittle says, ssh, ftp, or samba daemons have to be running on the remote Unix machine. (There are other possibilities - rsync, nfs come to mind - but all of them require some process running on the remote machine.)
  4. Since the remote machine already has ssh setup (as you said you putty into the machine), you can download one of a handful of Windows SFTP clients and use that to move files back and forth (I usually just use pscp, provided by the same chuckleheads who make putty, but I've heard good things about filezilla and winscp)
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