alarm sound on computer need help?? plz annoying

alrite iam sry if i posted in the wrong place but it is my first time
i been having problem with computer i bought it off my mate for $200
with 120 gb harddrive 700ram 128 graphic card it is all good
the think is that sometime it playing a warning alarm and it woudnt stop till i restart computer you known when the alarm goes off at a house just like that
but lately my computer as been freezeing and plays the same sound and i have to shut it down
i know it a hardware problem and i am a student cant ask anyone to have a look at it
but i am pretty sure i can do it myself just wanna kn if anyone out ter has a good idea of y it is making tis sound ? my graphic card is raddon 9000 or wateva also have a normal sound card win 2000 tv tuner 1 asus uietrack cd player and a lg did buner that is all i kn alrite now so anyone knowns anythink it wud be a big help :) thanks in advance
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  1. there is a good chance that your CPU is over heating.
    You might find your temps in your BIOS or there are several progs that can be found through google that will show different system parameters
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