Have some trojans, need to RF, need some help pls

Hello to all,
The computer has gotten to be too slow, I have no sound, I can't get in the win/system32 file, and other things as well. AVG, spywareterminator or sbybot can't get rid of these trojans. I went to an onlne movie database and got infected. My bad. I don't use P2P software so it's not a problem. I don't belive in firewall's and so be it.
RFmatting is not the problem, I know the deal.
questions I have are:
1-I'd lke save the cookies i've aither allowed or denied to be used in the clean install.
2- as well i'd like to save auto complete and websites i've been to.

Everything else I got under control. If there's something you could suggest I'd be most grateful.
specs are
dell !8200
IP4 2.2mhz
1.5GB ram
GF4 440GO 64MB
I don't have so much to save as I have everything on a USB drive.
thanks to all.
have a great day. :hello:
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  1. You know one time I stopped by a guy, he told me he didn't need antivirus or firewall. I wondered how he would recover from disasters. He said, just install windows. :D Yes, done in 30 mins. Getting rid of malware can take days.

    Try this boot cd. It works for my pc. There are other free boot antivirus CDs, but some of them don't work (crash). i.e. Kaspersky.


    After, restart pc to safe mode (tap F8 at boot), run this quick scan and then a full scan.

  2. Thanks for the quick. I actually don't have boot problems and can get in the sytem and use it freely.
    problems I have are posted above. What i'd like to do is:
    1- copy cookies (what I didn't mention is I use IE7 and FF3)
    2-save autocomplete and websearches.
    that's all. the rest I know fine.
    If you or anyone can help me with this I'd extremely appreciate it.
    btw, what you said is right..no matter what I do it's always there. that's why RFing is easier for me..actually I made an image after reinstalling everything so It'll be super quick. Just have to wait 3 hours for a good format.
    Thanks again.
  3. If someone could please help me with this task, what i'd like to do is:
    1- copy cookies ( I use IE7 and FF3)
    2-save autocomplete and websearches.

    If anyone can help me with this I'd extremely appreciate it.
    I am waiting for a reply so I can continue and RF.
  4. Copy this folder to another disk. After format & reinstall, copy this folder back to system drive.


    To back up IE cookes, run IE, go to File, Import/Export, select your data, save the file to another disk. After reinstall, import this file back to system drive.

    To back up the others, start, run, regedit, go to this key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

    right-click it, export to a file on another disk. Do the same for:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks

    After reinstall, import this key into registry.
  5. auscanzukus, Thank you so much for the help this has helped to Rf my computer. I thank you.
  6. I've fixed more computers that had virus programs so what good is one. I absolutely use nothing other than Host files. I've removed plenty of virus, Melware, sypware with removal tools successfully. Hour at the most for experience users to remove an infected system, and if really experience and knowledgeable you can bugger away on their system.
    People just have no friggen common sense
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