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Would Autodesk's Revit and Archicad benifit from nvidia's CUDA?

another thing, would those 2 programs render much faster when i upgrade my intel GMA3100 (built in graphics) to a geforce 9800gt? I just want to make sure before I buy a 9800gt because the problem is, when i render with my current computer, it takes days to get the job done. Thats why i'm thinking of adding a 9800gt.
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  1. I don't know about archicad, but the latest versions of revit 09-10 both rely on the CPU. If our only concerned about rendering your better of upgrading the CPU. What are you running now? The 9800gt would help with the overall speed of the program when your working in the 3d views. Also as far as I know revit does not benefit from cuda, yet.
  2. As far as I know ArchiCAD uses the CPU for rendering. A faster GPU will help you explore the model in 3D (Open GL), but it will not improve the rendering speed
  3. Don't bother with the video card. Instead put that money towards the fastest CPU that you can afford and is compatible with your motherboard.
    I have a Dual Core desktop and a Quad Core laptop. I have Revit 09 and 10 on both and even though the Quad Core(Q9000) is only 2.0gHz as opposed to the Dual Core's (E5400) 2.7, the Quad Core rendered around 25% faster. The Dual Core rendered at 1:17 while the Quad at 0:47. Big difference.
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