Xp cant see linux share but nt/2000 can

Hello, weird issue. We have a linux share on our network that NT Server and Win2000 Pro boxes can access, but XP systems can't.

I've tried the same user/login names, it really doesn't matter. The share isn't pw or account specific. I've tried duplicate credentials on both OS's and it seems the xp systems can't see it.

I've never seen this before, the XP firewall is off and I can ping it and reslove it from the xp box, just can't access the shares.
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  1. please post contents of '/etc/samba/smb.conf' and what version of xp?
  2. Sorry, I can't get into linux box to get you the smb.conf, it's a vendor supplied box. They have a share which we dump files into and the box processes it. We may wind up calling the vendor, I would just like to know why.

    The version of XP is XP Pro, SP3. I've never seen this before....just weird. It used to work until they hooked a printer up to it from what I was told. It's in a remote office, and it used to work. I initally thought it was an account issue, but we can use the same account on a 2000/NT box, and it works.
  3. without access to machine it is hard to know for sure. better call the vendor.
  4. Ok, we probably will wind up doing that. I've never seen what looks to be an open share do that. If I find out what happened from the vendor, I'll post it for everyone out here.
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