Recommendation for Gigabit Jumbo Frame Switch

I'm looking to purchase the Infrant READY NAS NV+ storage.
I have a D-Link gigabit router (Dir-655) but was told to use a gigabit jumbo switch in between the NAS and the Router. Although the router can be wireless, I use cables.

Can anyone recommend a good but inexpensive one ?
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  1. I have the same setup and considering between two Netgear models, the GS724AT and GS724TP. Both are 24 port "smart" rackmount switches. They cost from $360 for the GS724AT and $600 for the GS724TP at Newegg. They both support jumbo frames but otherwise I'm not clear on their differences / benefits.

    I recommend keeping with the same brand of equipment for the READYNAS and switch. Hope others can shed some light on your request.
  2. The GS724TP does POE on all ports I think whereas the GS724AT doesn't.
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