Will a 54mbps router be fast enough to play games over

I have just bought a new pc and was informed that the crap family pc was staying connected to the broadband so i need a broadband router. Would a 54mbps router have sufficient speed to play internet games on? I want to be able to play new release games aswell as old over this router. Please help me as I have no knowledge of routers
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  1. well first question you have to ask is how fast is your internet connection. The second question you have to ask is how much bandwidth your game requires. The fastest you can ever go with a 54 mps connection is 28 mbps. This is assuming no interference and being right next to a good router. You can use Qcheck to benchmark it if your curious. I'd be willing to bet your broadband is about 5 mbps max so you want to stay above that. I use a 108 mbps super g network. I get about 30 mbps up close, 20 mbps 10 ft away through a wall. 17 mbps in the basement one floor down and one wall away. This is all with $25 network cards and a $80 DI-634M. Judging from the wireless charts it looks like Dlink DIR-655 is the best bet
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