Does Vista degrade as fast as XP ???

Hi , i just got rid my old hard disk and I was wondering whether Vista degrades in performance as fast as xp. I want to build a new gaming rig? and then 32 or 64?

What should I put? I hate when windows xp does not clean all the junk and I have to do it!
I hate when after 6 months I need to reformat (if only macs had good games).

The pc will be used for gaming only. What should I do?

it is:

qx 9770 3.6
790 ultra
2gig of ram (can upgrade for 64 )
memoright drive 64gb for boot velociraptor for data

To help you help me:

1. I hate reformating my drive because the backup process takes ages (settings, outlook express etc) The most important reason to choose between xp and vista is whether the pc loses in performance after a while.

I use a lot of demos and uninstall junk/install

2. Dont care about direct x 10 since there is not a huge difference

3. Security stuff I know the dangers dont need UAC

4. The PC is fast, will be able to run vista with no probs. Dont care if I loose 5fps in Crysis due to vista

5. It will be clean install with no crap from hp, dell etc

6. I play some old games not many though like UFO series (bought it from steam)

7. I heard before that vista had a problem with sounds... Does it still exist?

Does vista clean up the programm junk better? Does it work better after long periods of time??? Should I get the 64 version???


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  1. Macs degrade and need to be reinstalled too. Don't drink the kool aid.

    As to your question I am not sure if this has been studied and Vista installs are still relatively new. I can only say that my Vista 64 install still feels rather hardy and snappy after about a year of using it. My initial sense is that XP is more inclined to both degrade and succomb to quirky problems but I will freely admit this is just a feeling. Hard to say how many effed up XP installs I have seen over the years (hundreds) were due to inherent problems with the OS/registry/apps or were due to malware.

    Vista is less prone to malware for sure.

    I highly recomend vista 64. It's reaqlly coming on fast in popularity so I fully expect what few things are not yet supported will be soon. Vista 64 works very well for me as a gaming platform. I run 8 gigs of ram, hey, ram is CHEAP so why not. This gives the OS a lot for superfetch to load up with. I can run a bunch of different apps and games simultaneously without a hitch. I'm really lovin it.
  2. ok one at a time.

    I guess you have all the parts hmm.
    In your case go 4 Vista 64, no question about it but add some ram (4-8gigs will do)
    Vista actually works faster few weeks after the installation. But no one can help you if you install allot of junk on your System, I deal easy with this.

    1. hard drives cheep, so get one for backups.

    2. install Arconis or ghost, i am acronis fan my self.

    3. install Vmware, or virtual pc.

    4. schedule daily backups of your system( inc or def), it take minutes.

    5. install virtual OS in your vmware ( here you can test all that junk , and it can provide solution in case of compatibility problems.)

    You cant get in trouble with this setup.
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