atx mobo with atx12v psu

is it possible to use an atx12v psu with an atx mobo?

i'm pretty sure i know the answer but want to check

lookin for new psu so i can get a new vid card but don't have enough money to upgrade to pci-x mobo so need a power supply that will work with my either 7900GTX or x1950xtx vid card and atx mobo

only ones i found that looked like reliable psu's were ati12v or eps12v (think that's what they were) so if this won't work anybody recommend a reliable psu for 600-700W that is under $200

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  1. cool is there any special way i need to connect it or will it connect like a normal atx psu?
  2. ok will do ... was asking because i read online somewhere it would work but the 24-pin connect would have 4 pins sticking over so wasn't sure how it would connect exactly but thank you for the info and i will definitely read up on it
  3. 24-pin ATX power supply will go into a 20-pin socket on the mobo, just have four pins extra. Nothing to worry about, the extra 4 pins are for PCI-Express usage, apparently.

    Er, insert appropriate smart and unpleasantly insulting answer here?
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