How to change the folder color from red?

I recently installed the latest ubuntu, and the folders are red, at least when creating new folders on the desktop. I would like to change that color to blue or yellow or even some crazy transparent glass if thats possible. How do I do it?
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  1. Probably the easiest way to change the appearance is to install and select new themes, here's an article covering how to do so that's targeted to the latest Ubuntu
  2. the easiest way to just change folder color is to:
    1. right click desktop
    2. click change desktop background
    3. your current theme will be pre selected under 'theme'
    4. click customise
    5. click icons, look through the selection click the one you want
    6. click close
    7. click close.
    8. done

    your choices will be limited but you can always change the theme and do the same,

    after step 3 pick a theme and go to step 4 - 8


    as far as custom folder colors i cant help as I don't know.
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