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Help with dual boot Vista/XP and Raid 0


I had Vista installed on a Raid 0 array with an extra HD for storage. I decided to use this extra storage HD to install XP on so I could set up a dual boot system between two different HD setups, one raid with vista, and one single drive with XP.

I unplugged my raid HDs from the power and sata cables then proceeded to install XP on my single storage HD. After a few attempts due to sata driver issues I finally got a smooth clean install of XP on a single HD. I re-connected my raid drives that had Vista 64 installed on it. I rebooted and got an error message: DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER, which I did of course. Vista loaded and showed my partitioned Raid 0 array but no operating system is shown. It should show Vista 64. So I disabled my Raid option in Bios and XP booted up no problem. So now my question do I get vista to boot back up on my Raid stripe?
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    From what I read when I decided to make a dual boot with Windows XP Home and Vista Ultimae 64; I had to install XP first, then Vista. Everything I read said it was not possible to get a dual boot set up unless you installed Windows XP before installing Vista.

    However, I just found this which might help you:

    The author refers to an app called VistaBootPRO; I know nothing about the app.

    If I remember correctly I created my RAID 0+1 array at some point during the Windows XP install.
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