Extremely wierd problem with 6600GT

So, where do i start. I was using my pc this morning and i went to the bathroom for like a minute. When i came back i saw that my pc had restarted and the bios screen was corrupted, i mean really corrupted. I tried to fiddle around with it and when i was trying to load windows it would stop after a while. Note: the OS selection screens don't look corrupted but just as they should, the safe/normal mode e.t.c screen though looks corrupted. I tried to boot into safe mode and everything looks ok, no corruption not nothing, restarted into bios though and everything was still corrupted. How can it be that most of the bios look corrupted but some screens look ok, it can boot into safe mode and everything looks ok but not into normal mode? The only thing i can think of is that maybe the vga bios got corrupted and maybe re-flashing it would make it work?

Edit: and am sure that it's a vga problem because i changed the 6600GT with my older and barely working FX5900 and it works fine now.
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  1. is it only the bios that are screwed or is everything/windows ext that isnt working?
    well make sure you updates them and also try to see if the vga didnt come out of place, sometimes that can cause it to get F@Cked up?
  2. try reinstalling graphics card in another machine, this will tell you if you get the same problems, if so card is fooked. If not then try reinstalling back in other machine. if you still get problems, try using different monitor, or set BIOS to default, if using adapter for card try without or with another one.

    hope that helps :D
  3. am using a 450W power supply. no major brand. I was gonna try and reflash it just in case it's bios got corrupted but when i restarted it hangs on post with my machine beeping all the freaking time. Oh well, am gonna give it one more try and if it still won't do anything i ll just quit.

    But still i can't understand why almost all screens in bios look heavily corrupted but when it asks me to choose to boot in vista or in xp it looks perfect. Never seen before selective graphic corruption.

    Also navigating through bios is alsmost not do-able. i can't understand a thing because of the corruption.
  4. try clearing the cmos using the jumper, should let you into bios with bit of luck.

  5. Tried to flash the card but still the same problem (Damn it's hard to nagivate into dos without knowing what you are typing). I don't think it's the psu, cause why would it have corruption in dos but not in safe mode into windows. I also don't think that the bios has something to do withit because if it did then the other card would also have problems as well. Damn this is wierd.
  6. have you tried the card in different machine?
  7. i would love to but am studying abroad and all my friends got laptops, only one has a tower and he's got pci express. (i have agp).
  8. have you just bought card or had it too long to send back ?
  9. a year and half, so warranties and stuff like that aren't valid any more.
  10. can you install card and get to safe mode screen? if so use vga mode. Then once in wins set to 16 bit 800x600. Then try to go in bios and see if it still wierd. Do you have backup of bios, if so reflash to old bios, see if this helps at all.
  11. i reflashed the card a while ago but nothing changed. i can go into safe mode and it looks great, without any corruptions for some reason, haven't though about changing the resolution though.
  12. can u describe what you mean by corruption in the bios menu? can you do a printscreen to capture it at all? if so make a link to what it looks like.

    also check the bios chip is located correctly maybe another check to do.
  13. it's like my screen is covered in snow, filled with dots, commas and at some places you might be able to see a letter or two. my camera unfortunately is broken and i can't take a pic or something.
  14. so when you enter BIOS screen its fooked using this card, when using different card its fine?
  15. super fooked, if i am to do anything i can only do it by memory (i mean my memory). With my FX5900 everything works fine, everything.
    With my 6600GT all the screens in the dos/bios are indistinguishable or fooked as you say, (with exception of the OS selection screen, that for some reason looks normal), and it's also unable to boot normally into windows but it is able though to boot into safe mode.

    With all my years of experience in these god forsaken machines first time i come across something like these, it doesn't bloody make sense.

    EDIT: i just noticed that i kept saying bios all the time in my previous posts when i mostly meant to say Dos. Bios is corrupted as well but the fact that Dos looks corrupted as well is what makes this even harder.
  16. when removing the other card make sure you uninstall all drivers etc then install the 6600 card, it could be that a driver from old card is causing problem. If you can get to safe mode screen use the VGA option to boot into wins, this normally fixes problems with out of range problems etc.
  17. I already did uninstall the drivers. The thing though is that Dos doesn't use any drivers so it shouldn't be fooked.
  18. try the vga option to boot into wins, set a normal res for screen etc if you can get in , then try booting normally. If it boots in safe mode it should boot in VGA mode, if it cant get into normal mode then its normally a driver problem.

    Did you do any updates or anything before the problem occured?

    what OS have you got have you got all updates etc?
  19. I 've got XP SP2, the nvidia drivers are the same for a long time now. 9x.xx. The thing though is that am not sure exactly how to boot into vga mode because i can't read what the screen says. I can boot into safe mode just because i know that it's the uppermost option.

    I also ran msconfig into safe mode and i selected the diagnostic setup where it loads only the very basic stuff but it still wouldn't boot in. it boots into safe mode just fine though. Dos as always looks like someone threw up on my screen.
  20. 5th one down is vga
    6th one down is last known good

    try both to see if it helps
  21. also if you have system restore set to on you could try going back to time when it worked. But real test would be putting card in different machine cause if something on card has gone no matter what you do you wont fix it :cry:
  22. For some reason in startup options i only have the different safe modes, the last known...., and the normal. The vga isn't there. Tried to change the resolution in safe mode but no matter what i do the changes don't get into effect. Also for some reason the card has difficulties to post. I ll give up for now, i have real important exams to attend to and i am not in the mood for this kind of crap. Thanks for trying to help me out, i appreciate it. Maybe i should just save money and build a new pc and throw this piece of crap into the trash.
  23. see if u can find someone with an agp slot pc, at least then you would know if its the card for sure, or ask in a local shop if they could test it for you, some places can be quite helpful, and i doubt they would charge you much if u say u may need a replacement :lol:

    good luck m8, i myself have a 6600 gt card and im going for new build soon :wink:

    8800 gtx :twisted:
  24. Being abroad in a country that doesn't speak the same language as you do can be quite hard. I was thinking about getting a 7600 AGP but am sure something else will break on this system too, and a 7600 isn't really much better than a 6600GT so i ll just be throwing 100 euro for nothing. Being a student though means that i don't really have much money. If i ask my parents for money they 'll probably give them to me but i hate asking them money for anything other than rent/food/tickets. I ll figure something out. Good luck mate with your new system.
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