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I am currently having trouble with my windows vista it is acting up lately and before i had it running pretty smooth but i am not sure if its the os or the motherboard, or something but sometimes when i go to turn on my pc i get a boot error sometimes it says winload.exe wont load but it said that like twice other times it says failed to boot press enter to boot from cd current specs on my system

Windows Vista home premium 64 bit
Xfx 680i motherboard
ocz sli memory 4gbs
2 xfx 8800 gts
750 watt power supply ultra lsp
320 gb hard drive western digital
philips dvd/rw drive
G15 2007 gaming keyboard
G5 gaming mouse
Also use a Wireless usb card By Netgear N rated
i have been having alot of trouble after i got the new keyboard and mouse and stuff and or could be windows updating not sure tell me what you ppl think also crashes alot when i load world of warcraft id really like to get this working smooth so i dont have to buy xp
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  1. Try a startup repair:

    If you want/need, you can also rebuild the whole bootloader:
  2. I would also suggest you look into your ram settings - voltage and timings - make sure they are set to mfg specs.

    2 sticks of ram or 4? Have you added ram recently?

    Any overclocking?
  3. i tried startup repair and it says no problems have been found and i got 4 1gb sticks of ocz sli DDr2 memory timing 5-5-5-15-2T had to change the timings when i got the ram cuz it wouldnt start up any suggestions would be appreciated im not sure what to change but i also went into the bios and changed the boot order to hardrive 1st and cd rom 2nd
  4. winload.exe is part of the boot process. It has nothing to do with RAM.

    Did you rebuild the boot loader, as suggested in the second part of my post?
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