Keyboard and Mouse do not work with Linux

Hey guys,

I have a computer installed with ubuntu, not sure which version. Anyways, the keyboard works when the initial screen pops up and even allows me to hit delete to reach the bios. However, once the computer gets to where I need to log in the keyboard does not work at all. The keyboard lights are not on and seem to have no power. The mouse's laser is on and looks like it should work but when I move it nothing happens, so I can't log in and use the computer.

I have tried different usb ports and tried using the PS/2 ports with no luck. I read somewhere to change in the bios to legacy usb or whatever, but I do not see the option in my bios.

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  1. Suggest plugging in PS/2 mouse
    and keyboard and going from there
    once drivers found via upgrade or
    whatever. :bounce:
  2. I have tried the PS/2 already and it does the same thing.
  3. Is this a new issue (read: were they working before for Linux?) or not?

    The ultimate culprit is likely to be xorg, but in order to verify that it's the problem (and fix it), you'd need some method to get into the system (for example, ssh or, if you must, rlogin or telnet), but as I recall unfortunately none of those remote access servers are installed and configured to start on boot in a default Ubuntu install. You could try backing out to the CLI interface with a ctrl + alt +F1, but I have a feeling that may not work (if it does, you can get back to the graphical session with a ctrl + alt +F7)

    If you really, really want to get into it, you could try booting into a CLI-based livecd (CLI to prevent issues with X), mount your actual hdd, then take a gander at the /var/log/Xorg.#.log (pick the one with the newest timestamp as indicated by ls -l).

    If you see any errors (EE) or warnings (WW) related to either the keyboard or mouse, you'll have some direction as to how to fix it.
  4. Could also be worth trying booting in single user mode:

    Marginally easier than using a rescue CD.
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