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Shortly, I will be installing Vista Ultimate 64 bit on my computer. I am currently running Vista Ultimate 32bit, but now want to install the 64bit system. My computer is home built with the following:

Motherboard – ASUS P5K deluxe wifi
CPU – Intel core 2 duo E6750
Video Card – PCI VisionTek Radeon X1300
Memory – 4 GB DDR2
Hard drive – Sata 500 GB with 250 GB Sata backup
Power Supply – 750 Watt
CD/DVDs – 2 drives

I have used the backup program that came with Vista for my 250 GB HD. The question is – will I be able to retrieve my backup info on my 250 GB HD with Vista Ultimate 64 bit? Is there anything else that I need to consider?
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  1. yes it will be retrievable. check for 64 bit drivers for your devices first. i didnt and my wireless card didnt have 64 bit drivers so i had to get a new one.
  2. Yes, you'll be able to get your backups. +1 for checking for drivers.
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