PSU blew, is it going to have fried the entire system?!

Hi, today i was reaching down behind my pc and must have nudged the power lead, and my my PSU blew! A spark shot out the back and I smelt burning, and obviously now my PC won't power up. How likely is it that it's fried everything else?

I had a look inside and couldn't see any scorch marks on anything, but I don't really know if I would tbh! I had a surge protector on it, which is now also fucked. If if just ruined my whole PC I am going to be gutted.

It was a Seasonic S12 600w PSU.
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  1. You have a decent chance of being OK. Obviously you need a new PSU, you won't knopw what else is gone until you hook up the new PSU. If anything else blew it would likely only be the motherboard. Your expensive components are likely OK.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I hope your right! To be honest if my motherboard was dead I could live with that, as I wasn't entirely happy with it (still gonna be out a fair bit of cash though!). To my mind a PSU shouldn't blow just from the cable moving around a bit, does it sound like a fault that I could maybe get a replacement for from the vendor? Or
  3. If the PSU is under warranty you should be able to get a new one, but there's no way you'll get any more.

    And no, it shouldn't blow from moving the cord, but I dunno why it did.
  4. I'm feeling a bit more confident now that the rest of the system is probably ok from these replies and contact with the people who sold it to me. They're sending me out a replacement so touch wood everything else is ok :)
  5. Yes, like the others before, I too feel that you should be ok. I've had a power supply go boom on me several years ago and it sizzled and sputtered and let off a really bad smelling smoke, but other than scare the crap outta me, there was no other damage to my system.

    I've also been given a PSU set to 110V by default (when it should have been 220V for India) and had that explode the second I powered-up, but once again no damage other than a big scare.

    So...all the best. Hope your system is ok. :)
  6. Well, got my replacement psu today and everything's fine, what a relief!
  7. Hehe, love a happy ending :)
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