making Back Up, (dvd veryfication problem)


I recently bought laptop, Acer gemstone 5930G.
There is no back up dvd, I am supposed to make it myself (cheap bustards).

Actually I need to make 3 back up DVD's using acer empowering technology, back up utility.

Problem: I place the DVD in the drive, start the back up utility of the factory standards,
the back up utility supposedly does it's job, it writes on the
dvd, hits 100% --- then it tries to verify the back up dvd. The verification though doesn't even hit
1% before giving me error "back up verification failed"

I already tried 10 dvd's tdrs (rw +) and am planning to buy about 20+ tomorrow.

Optical drive: DVD+/-RW Dual-Layer

any ideas? suggestions?
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  1. Have you ever verified that your burner likes that particular brand of media?

    If not be sure to try another brand next time and if you used + then try - next and make them write only not re-write. Always assume first it is the media that causes a failed burn. Burners are picky. Your burner mfg. might even specify an approved brand.

    Also try burning at a slower speed, something very conservative like 2x. These are just general ideas that have gotten me through many a failed burn over the years.

    There is also the possibility that the disk is ok but the verification process either is mistaken or is balking at an insignificant error like finalization or something like that. Only way to test though would be to do a complete restore from the burned disks and that isn't very practical - might be worth looking into if you get no solution elsewhere. You might want to run through the settings specified for the burn if the software will let you.
  2. Don't use rewritables to create your factory restore discs. They're fine for general backup purposes... but when creating a set of factory restore discs, use -R or +R. Also, the most discs I've seen needed are 2 DVDs... are you creating the factory set or are you doing a complete backup of everything on the hard drive?
  3. I'm creating factory standard(which I guess means: windows + drivers and some basic software)

    I have just bought 35 dvd's (sony)10RW+ and (imation)25R+
    I'm burning first part of "recovery" right now 99% ... (waiting) ....
    yes! :) different media did the trick(Imation R+) It's on 10% allready

    .. Thank you guys for the help :)

    ..(now hoping it won't just... stop)
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