Constantly dropping from access point every few seconds

Hi guys

I have a very strange problem which i just cant seem to figure out. I did a fresh install on a new computer with windows xp pro. the first thing i tried on this fresh install was to install the wireless adapter which is a netgear wg311t. after install it can find my access point (netgear wg102) easily with near 100% signal. however as soon as i connect to it, it disconnects almost instantly. it does this over and over forever.

now this is where it gets strange. MY computer using the same wireless card works fine (both pcs in the same room) BUT i did a fresh install on MY comp and got the same problem. i tried disabling wireless zero, updated to sp2 and still same problem.

now i can deduce from this that it is NOT a hardware issue. it has something to do with windows and maybe the drivers. i have updated the ap firmware and using the latest netgear drivers. this is driving me nuts because my system is working fine with wireless and when i boot into the hdd with the fresh install it doesnt work with nothing changed except the fresh install and different hdd???

any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance
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  1. I hate to ask this but are you sure you typed in your password right. That is the only reason I know the router would let you connect for a second then drop you. If that's not the case bring everything back to what it was when it worked go to the odler driver firmware etc.
  2. You can also set the router to its original configuration, i.e., out of the box. Usually there is either a button or small hole on the back of the router that will do this, in the case of the small hole you'll need to insert a paper clip. You're manual should tell you how to do this You'll have to reset your password, basically set it up like you originally did. You'll also likely have to run the Wireless Wizard on the other machines
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