Ata1.00: EH Complete loop when booting ubuntu 11.04 off USB

I have a HP DV1000 with a dead hard drive, and I don't have 40$ to blow on a IDE 2.5" 40GB HDD so I can get my OS back on a old, crappy laptop. So I used a ubuntu 9.04 disk to use it, but after a while i realized I had a netbook that could do what my laptop could do with ubuntu and it had Win7 (Which I like better). So i decided that if I could get ubuntu running on a USB stick, I could watch DVD's.

So I made a ubuntu 10.04? stick with USB Universal installer and had an issue where it booted to the ubuntu splashscreen and then sat there for forever and then moved to a black screen. I pressed esc, and I saw a bunch of goblygook running down the screen. The constant line was: Ata1.00: EH Complete. It happened after each segment of lines.

I assumed it was a bad install (Im no good with code and ubuntu. Im more of a Windows/Hardware nut :lol: ) and formatted (Fat32 both times)/installed 11.04 to the stick. I got the same thing.

I plan to test the stick on my main machine, but wanted to post this before I did :).

Any ideas?
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  1. Ok, the USB install works on my main computer....
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