Please HELP ................ Upgrade My E521 To 4GB

Hey All

I Need help . i have a dimension e521 vista 32bit and a want to upgrade to 4gb can i do that or i need to get the vista 64bit???????
i don't really want more then 4gb a just want 4gb that's it

My Specs
AMD Athlon 64x2 5600 (Upgrade to Phenom x4 9550 2.2ghz)
2Gb (Want to upgrade to 4GB)
BGF Nvidia Geforce 8600gt (Upgrade To 8800gt)
Hecules 500w PSU

Ya think i can but the 4GB on my E21 with vista 32bit???????? please help me
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  1. Def yes. Throw in 2 more gigs. 32-bit can use up to 4 gigs minus video ram. Say 8600gt has 256mb. 4 gigs - that.
  2. It's not an exact minus of video ram though, not on all mobos anyway. It's video + some other address space reserved for other devices. I had 640 meg Video ram but I only got 2.9 gig out of my 4 on Vista 32 on an Asus board. On most enthusiast machines I usually see about 3 of the 4 gig available, + or - a bit.

    If he puts an 8800 gt in there with 512 video ram I'm thinking he he will probably get about 3 gig usable, which is still a lot better than 2 gig
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