Does OS hard drive speed matter?

WAs just wondering if the drive you have windows installed on has any impact on how fast your PC is for games etc?
I know its probably a stupid question and the answer is probably no, but i was just wondering.

For ex
I keep my Os's installed on one oldish 250 gig hard drive. which is i guess quite slow. I keep my games on my newer SATA 2 drive. It doesnt seem like a big deal but im just wondering?
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  1. Yes, speed matters. I have 2 pc's at home. My main rig & my family pc. Obviously my rig is WAY faster, but it lags behind in terms of loading Vista from power-on. My OS is on a oldie 80 gig sata whereas the other os is on a SATAII partitioned in half. However, after loading programs, my pc owns.

    The reason I do this is for maintenance - daily backup of OS drive to storage drive. In the event of a screwup, restoring to yesterday takes 20 mins. Also, I can run a full chkdsk on C while watching videos/listening to music on D.
  2. So it only impacts the loading speed of the OS? boot up time?
  3. All of loading anything. Anytime. Unless the data is cached to memory. In other word, a way to reduce load time is increase the amount of memory.
  4. It impacts more than just boot time. It will impact anything that's not cached in memory, like auscanzukus said.
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