Compter Boots Up and Then Just restarts

My Dad recently installed Kaspersky Internet security on the computer because we thought it had a virus, he got to the bit where it said it needs to restart, he clicked restart, it restarted normally, started to boot up, got to the loggin screen, and then shortly just restarted again (didnt shutdown, the shut down was like if you hold the button in and wait for it to shut down) Now every time you load up the computer (exept for in safe mode) it just gets to the login screen and then reboots.
Anyone know whether this is a hardware problem, with the PSU and stuff, or just software, or if it has anything to do with the install.
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  1. If it was a hardware problem you would almost certainly get the same thing happening in safe mode. Go into safe mode, uninstall the Kspersky software and see what happens.
  2. Yer, i think it is Kaspersky causing the problem then, when i take it off its fine. My dad has contacted Kasperskys support, im guessing that is all i can do, unless someone knows how to fix it now.
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