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Hello, im now running the trial version of Linux Ubuntu after i installed ubuntu 9.1 it doesnt load i start up my pc and after the black screen it says boot from cd but i unplugged it i cant reach bios because its password detected, sorry for my bad english
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  1. Hmm that's pretty difficult, I hear that there may be a solution to the bios problem if its a laptop. Try search reset bios password on ubuntu laptop. It's just something I heard though. I've there's nothing important on it wipe the drive and reinstall. But I'm still a newbie in solutions to linux issues so by all means waiting a little bit before trying my method.
  2. What precisely is the message that appears on boot? Also, why is the BIOS password protected with a password you don't know?
  3. Hey bmouring, just noticing my lack of basic grammar checking... But anyway please post helpmefast. People here are fairly quick in helping one another.
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