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I'm writing this from Ubuntu but I have installed Ubuntu using Unetbootin and I'm chose the option 'Use Linux without installing(Not sure If this is correct)'. Now I think Ubuntu is an all right OS so I want to install it. But if I install it, Will it delete my Previous OS(Windows 7)? And if I do install it, How do I boot Ubuntu? Does it boot automaticly? Do you have choice between your previous OS and Ubuntu? Is there any way to install Ubuntu in my USB? sorry for my unprofessionalness.
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  1. When you go to install, it gives you a few options. You should get the options to install Ubuntu beside Windows, or erase the drive and just install Ubuntu.

    If you install them side by side, you will be able to choose which you want to boot in GRUB (the boot loader that will install).

    You can install Ubuntu on a USB drive assuming it's large enough, but I don't recall whether or not you can haver persistence. I believe you can, but again, not sure.
  2. If I choose to install it side by side and say that I'm able to choose between Ubuntu and Windows, Is there any setting to make ubuntu start up automaticly?
  3. I'm installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 7
    but I got an error saying
    "Write previous changes to disk and continue?
    Before you can select a new partition size, any previous changes have to be written to disk.

    You cannot undo this operation.

    Please note that the resize operation may take a long time"

    But what the hell does it mean? will it delete anything in my harddrive? and what does "any previous changes have to be written to disk" mean? partition??? WTF!!
  4. Installing side-by-side requires resizing the partition that Windows is on to leave room for Ubuntu's own partition(s). That message is informational, not an error. It just means that if you've already said that you want to format, delete or in any other way modify the partition layout that these changes must be done before you are able to resize the partition. If you made no other changes, then the only thing that is going to happen is the resize operation. Resizing can take a long time, because fragmented data often needs to be moved to fit into a smaller space and allow the new partition to be created.

    Note that the next time you boot into Windows after this you will quite possibly be presented with chkdsk. Windows has a panic attack when something has made changes to the system without it being in control, so it will want to check the partition for data integrity problems.
  5. Ok windows 7 is using all of your harddisk. So when you install ubuntu it has to resize the hard disk: this basically makes room for ubuntu. Next time when you boot up after the install you will get the option of choosing ubuntu or windows 7. Ubuntu looks like:
    Linux generic (kernel version) - or something like that.
    Im not sure what windows 7 looks like.
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