New Abit AW9D-MAX MB - How to determine BIOS

How do you determine the BIOS version??
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  1. bottom left of the POST screen (disable the abit splash screen) will show it.
    You'll see something about award 6 & below that a string of nos. & letters e.g. in the case of my AN8 NF-CK804-6A61FA1-18 with the last 2 being the BIOS version.
    Alternatively if you run FlashMenu when it opens it will also show that string.
  2. Thanks Buff. I thought that might be it but wasn't sure. What is FlashMenu? Is that a utility?
  3. FlashMenu is abit's utility for updating the BIOS in Windows, it's part of the uGuru suite.
  4. Thanks Buff. I'm still OCing with just the BIOS and memtest and haven't installed Vista yet. Can't believe this Intel CPU. Got it from stock 2.6 up to 3.5 so far and core temp hasn't budged more than 4 deg C.
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