Uploading mails back to exchange mail from outlook

Hi all

I didn't use my brain when I was setting up my outlook, so instead of setting it up as exchange - it ended up being pop3.
While setting up, I let it do some automatic set ups, so even though told it to set up exchange it ended up pop3 :heink:
That's not the biggie... The biggie is, I didn't check the "leave message on server" box so it pulled down all my mails.

I exported a .pst with all the mails so I do have a back up of sorts. How do I tell outlook to upload the mails back?
Instead of just deleting them again when I import them and try to sync.

I'm a mail/exchange newb, so be gentle :)
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  1. Hi Nicki, Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    This is for your corporate email account right? Have you tried asking your IT department to help you out here? Or are they like many office admin guys, who refuse to provide help for what should be a simple tasks for them? :heink:
  2. Thanks for the advice, I asked the IT department for help and they just restored the account to right before my f*** up.
    Luckily they were pretty nice about it :)
  3. Heloo dear...

    I did the same mistake yestarday... Now my HR Manager is asking me to put all his mail back to his inbox....

    can anyone please help me in this regard...

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