HELP HELP!!! BSODs I cant figure it out

the situation:
every thing was fine for 2 months(last upgrade/reformat)
a few weeks ago i started getting BSODs no matter what i was doing, bout 3 times a week
it got progressively wost (3 a day) so i reformatted and reinstalled a few days ago, but it was still happening
so i thought i would reformat again to make sure it wasn't some of the software i had installed, but its still happening

sometimes after a BSOD, during the windows boot screen (when it has the little green bar at the bottom) it stops and it says something similar to: the checksum value is different than the computed value, at the top and the rest of the screen is blank and it sits there until i restart it

it is not hardware related (im 99% sure) ive run p95 for 4 hours (i don't see a point for longer), memtest86+, and a graphics stability test for a hour and i tried setting every thing to stock speeds and the BSODs still came

i ran WinDBG after a crash on the dump file and it says "Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe" i search C: for that file and i couldn't find it, given its name i think its a system file

i run Vista x64 ultimate
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  1. What was the pc doing before the BSOD? p2p'ing?

    Was Vista updated to SP1?
  2. goto start|right click my computer|properties|advanced|startup and recovery and make sure the automatic restart button is off.

    On your next BSOD you will get a message such as
    Stop:00000007e (000000000)

    Post back with that info and or type that info into google and it will help narrow it down.
  3. yes i use Utorrent a lot but i dont have any viruses (kaspersky 2009), yes it was SP1 untill i reformatted

    thanks for the tip pat :)
  4. stop: 0x0000000a (0xFFFFFA8002E24E38, 0X0000000000000002, 0000000000000000, 0XFFFFF80001CD557E

    thats wut it gave me, i googled it and found it has lots of causes, im assuming it is because i have 4GB ram, i found a patch on microsofts site im hoping it will work, if it doesn't ill post again
    it didnt work, now im completely out of ideas now (other than remove 2gb of ram but i bought it to use it)
  6. I hope it works too.
    Im not running 64 bit yet but I thought 64bit recognized more than 3GB without being told.

    I just googled your stop and your right there are several possible causes.
    If you can try 3GB and or then use the original drivers that came with your computer
    else try to reinstall with only the needed hardware and build from there.
    That will rule out hardware troubles.

    Since you had it running that long originally I would think it was possibly a driver (update) that is causing the trouble assuming you are trying to use the newest drivers.
  7. NT Kernel? Err,no idea.

    Is it prebuilt? That may be your issue.
  8. custom built, look at my signature
    like u said pat im thinking its a driver issue, cause ive been updating my drivers on a regular basis (like i should)
  9. Go into the Bios:

    (1) Manually set your voltage to the high end of the range specified by the maker
    (2) Manually set your timings to the exact values specified by the maker
    (3) Ensure the command rate is 2T
    (4) In the 'advanced settings' area, ensure tRFC ("Refresh to Activate Delay") is set to 54 or greater

    Check for stability

    If that doesn't work for you, then bump the voltage to the Front Side Buss by one or two steps - Check for stability again.
  10. it's not a stability issue, its a software issue
  11. I am thinking hard drive failure. The level of corruption keeps increasing.
  12. Bad RAM. Run Memtest86 overnight, and report the amount of errors you get.
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