Weird problem with wireless connection!

Hi all, I've got a really weird problem that's got my hair almost all plucked out :(

I was previously using a dlink router with my dlink dwl g520+ adapter. The connection wasn't very stable then and it gets disconnected now and then, but I can still access a particular ".biz" website which I needed to for a particular project. I then switched to a Belkin router, and things were very smooth from then on, no disconnections whatsoever. However, the strange thing is that I can't access the ".biz" site anymore. The browser was always in "loading" mode but nothing shows up. I then disabled the wireless connection and switched to a lan one with the Belkin router, and I can access the site! I also did an experiment with the wireless connection (with Belkin router), and found out that it is particularly slow when accessing ".biz" sites (strange!).

Would anyone have any idea of what could be the problem?

Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. You said you used this site for work did you need to register to use it. If you did you might have to reregister since your router mac change or give the new router the same mac as the old one. It's either that or the .biz site is using some other port besides port 80 since no router wil block the port 80 web server port.
  2. The site that I'm visiting doesn't need a registeration. There's another thing that I forgot to mention: I tried using my friend's laptop and accessed the site without any problems, same router used. So I'm suspecting it could be some compatibility issues between the router and my adapter. Would there be some settings for the adapter that I can change?
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