Problem Upgrading from XP pro 32 bit to Vista Ultimate 64 bit

I bought the ultimate steal Window's Vista Ultimate Upgrade 64 bit

And, it sends you a DVD backup and it lets you download the program to upgrade your current windows.

Ok, so I downloaded it, today, and I bought the DVD backup. When I try to install windows, it says I don't have access to creating new folders on my computer or something. I called windows tech support which is like summoning a timewarp for an hour and a half.

All the tech support guy told me was that it's impossible to upgrade Windows XP Pro 32 bit to Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit from the download.

He said you might want to convert some of the files to a bootable ISO, I also asked him how to do this, and he said he also had no idea.

I'm like why would microsoft offer a upgrade to a previous product that wouldn't work.


So, if anyone out there can help I sure need it.
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  1. dont even try to upgrade, grab all your files, bookmarks, other ****.
    wait for the disc, boot from it, format ur HD=clean install :)

    ive partitioned my HD in two (80gb primary, 160gb secondary), y such odd portions u ask,,,,,,,,, i keep all my big files (movies, downloads, music, etc.)on the second partition and link to them to my start menu so its like there on C:, then it is easier to do a clean install at anytime if i run into problems (clean install is the solution to most problems plus it refreshes ur OS so it runs like new again)
  2. Is there a program that makes copies of boot discs???

    Also, I feel that this should probably be illegal to tell the consumer that he/she can upgrade, and have them also buy the optional boot disc to do it.
  3. do u mean u want to copy the windows install disc????????
  4. Yes, I want to copy the window install disc.
  5. You CANNOT upgrade a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS... it just isn't possible. You MUST do a clean install. I purchased the retail upgrade of Vista Ultimate and when I went to perform the "upgrade", my only option was a clean install. Part of that process, however, is copying over all the data from "Documents and Settings" and placing it into a folder called "Windows.old".

    If you had 64-bit XP, then the upgrade process would be the same as upgrades have been for previous versions of Windows. Having 32-bit means a clean install is necessary.
  6. Ok, but is it possible to initiate the clean install without a boot disc, Zoron. They gave me some files to download, and the exact error message was I didn't have authority to install files to my desktop or something. The Windows Technician told me that I needed to wait for the boot disc, and that it was impossible to initiate the install from the desktop.

    It makes no sense to me.
  7. The files you downloaded . . .what format did they come in? What was the file called? If it is an image file you could quite possibly make a bootable disk from it but this is a little murky lacking more details.

    And what was the DVD backup you are talking about? Is this a DVD version of the software you DL that is coming by mail? If so you should be able to boot from it and probably do a fresh install that way.
    As Zoron pointed out you can't do an 'upgrade install' from 32 to 64, which explains why XP won't let you run the install from within windows. This does not mean you can't install the program you have purchased it just means you have to install it via a bootable DVD. ( I'm pretty sure, he he . .) Try booting from what they send you in the mail.

    There may be a way to make a bootable disk from what you downloaded, people were doing that on beta versions, but I couldn't find any clear instructions. It might be much simpler to wait for the DVD.
  8. There's two files and one executable.

    The two files are: Boot.Wim & Install.wim

    The executable is just a series of numbers, and it makes no sense. like x1667j0s8.exe
  9. So I am trying to upgrade from XP Pro to Vista 32 bit and it won't give me the option to upgrade (the option is grayed out).

    I just don't understand. I recieved the XP version from the college I attended. It doesn't say educational version but is there such a thing and would that cause the problem? I am at a loss about what to do next. I am running on a clean install and can not activate because it is a clean install not the upgrade I purchased.

    My time here is ending soon and although I know I have to reinstall at some point I want to have all the answers before I start.

    My upgrade has both 32 and 64 bit disks and I am using the 32 bit upgrade disk to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Your help is greatly appreciated
  10. Make a new partition and do a clean install to that.

    Also - It is generally advised to start a new thread when you have a problem of your own, rather than resurrect a dead thread or divert attention from someone else's issue to yours.
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