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i wouldliek to set up a pc to boot to free dos,f windows xp home, and linux 10.4.

ineed ot format the drive.

which one would you reccomend I install first-and which one should i use to format the drive? quite confusing but I'm htinking xp? and what FAT table should I use for free dos?
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  1. Ultimately, both Windows XP and Free-DOS should both be installed before installing linux (since the Linux installer will likely pick up on the other systems and automatically add them to the boot menu)

    FreeDOS supports FAT32 (including booting from it), so I'd suggest that.

    FAT32 boot support is there, but not as thoroughly tested (and there are some additional hurdles), so I back chamaecyparis's nod to FAT16
  2. Partition for FreeDOS should be FAT16, I would think
    Partition for XP needs be NTFS
    Partition(s) for Linux is/are, most likely, ext4

    Learn fdisk or cfdisk for FAT16 partition creation
    Use either fdisk or gparted for the other two.

    You will have your choice of Boot Loaders -- let us know when you get there.

    Best wishes!
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