how to disable ink level checking in hp printers?

I've got problem with my printer. It's hp 1610 psc all in one. Recently the printer shows message "remove and check color cartridge". I used refill kit to fill the cartridge but the message still shows.
Do I have to buy new cartridge or is it possible to disable checking ink level??

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  1. I know nothing about refill kits so this may be a silly question, but did you have to remove the ink cartidges to use the refill kit or can it be used with the ink cartridges in place?

    In my expereince with ink catridges the detection usually "resets" itself when the cartidges are removed and then scans for an ink level. However, I have no idea how the cartidge detects the ink level...
  2. Align the cartridges and your message should go away. It's not really measuring ink level but useage and should reset when it sees a new cartridge or printhead. If you're using aftermarket or refilled cartridges, reevaluate your use and cost. My experience has been that those typically exhibit around a 30% failure rate. If you've got a high volume, look into a laser printer.

    Even better, get rid of the intrusive and invasive HP imaging monitor software. You can load the base drivers instead of the bloatware.
    Refer to the link above it works for HP 21 and HP22 cartridges as well. It works like a dream I have just tried it and it works.. Really simple and takes just a few mins to get done with.
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