How to read northbridge and mobo temperature?

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  1. yeah i have that software, but it indicate so many temperature... i dun noe which is the mobo temperature....
  2. What is the CPU? What is the MB and what is ambient temp? It's probably one of the following:

    Temp1: 43C
    Temp1: 45C
    Core: 12C

    Unless your room temp is 50 °F, I wouldn't trust that "Core" temp value at all. If you have a dual core chip, it could be that your MB temp isn't displayed. If you have a single core chip it's one of those "temp1" numbers probably. What happens to them if you run orthos? One should shoot up if single core, and both should shoot up if dual core. Your MB temp shouldn't be over say 45 C unless you have a serious problem.
  3. i am using dual core...when i run orthos, only first Temp1 is shooting up.. but 2nd Temp1 dun... does it mean that 2nd Temp1 is mobo temperature?
  4. Stop using speedfan and try rmclock which is much better in my opinion.
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