My Computer gets Useless when using 25% of CPU usign quadcore 3.0GHZ

Why when im coping a massive folder my computer becomes so useless.

i have 2 harddives and im copying stuff from one to another and my pc its only using 25% of the cpu the computer becomes absolutly usless i know the harddrives are bussy so it split the read speed, but i mean why the programs i have already loaded in to memory become stuck too.

this its my system

Asus P5E3 deluxe
2 gb ram ddr3 1333mhz
geforce 9800gtx
Windoes XP Pro SP3
i want to know why my xp its so **** theres any tweak for me?
Got Virtual Memory Disabled.
Got Fresh instaled XP, so itsnt spywhare worm etc

PS: when writing this on mozilla firefox, the cursor got stuck many times, the procesor its only using 25% of its total capacity, arround 8.5% each core.

does anyone knows why?
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  1. Problem Fixed i had the Ultra DMA disabled, my hard drive was working in PIO mode.

    My read/writing speeds went from 4MB/s to 97MB/s what a boost!!!
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